Master Brian Costello, Founder

A 5th degree black belt, Master Costello has been practicing martial arts for over 42 years. He started the school in 1984, teaching primarily Tang Soo Do and Jujitsu. As the school evolved, he began adding full contact fighting and reality based combat training to the curriculum. In the early 90's he integrated these styles to form the Jung Su School of Martial Arts. Having trained in Tang Soo Do, Shotokan, Jujitsu and Kick Boxing, he continues to teach and learn alongside his students. Having instructed thousands of martial artists over the years, his personal philosophy is to work hard each time you step into the Dojang and strive for constant improvement.

Master Costello is a professional fight official for both Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing and serves as a special consultant to the state of VA for training professional MMA judges. In 2007, Master Costello received the "Martial Arts Judge of the Year" award from the Virginia Department of Occupation and Regulation for his outstanding contributions to professional fighting sports.

In 2014, Master Costello was appointed by the Commonwealth of Virginia to the state's Professional Boxing, Wrestling and Martial Arts Advisory Board and serves as chairman.. The Advisory Board regulates professional and amateur individuals, as well as promoters and events.

Master Joseph Bui, Head Instructor

Having been with the school for over 29 years, Master Bui serves as Jung Su's Head Instructor. Master Bui started with the school as a junior student in 1990. After 4 years of intense training, he was awarded his black belt in 1994. Master Bui continued to work hard and progress and earned his 2nd degree black belt in 1997 and 3rd degree black belt in 2000. In 2014, Master Bui became the only student in the school's 35-year history to earn his 4th degree black belt.

Master Bui has been instrumental in helping expand the school and has been an important contributor to the ongoing evolution of the program. His dedication, consistency and own unique style serve as a role model for the rest of the students to follow.

Joe was one of the founding members of the Jung Su Fight Team and went undefeated as an amateur Muay Thai fighter.

Matt Lyon, Instructor

A 3rd degree black belt, Mr. Lyon has been with the school for over 16 years. He has served as one of the instructors for the Jung Su program since 2007. Mr. Lyon epitomizes the philosophy of hard work, discipline and consistency. His dedication and commitment to the school and students have made him invaluable to the program.

A founding member of the Jung Su Fight Team, Mr. Lyon was the first to win a Muay Thai title and is the former WKA, VA Light Heavy Weight Champion.

Mr. Lyon is also a Police Officer and S.W.A.T. Team member with Prince William County and was an aquatic Director for Fairfax County